BestCo (Formerly BestSweet) to Add 141 Jobs in Mooresville, NC

March 6, 2019 BestSweet News

As the economy continues to recover and many families continue to struggle to find work, they may want to look toward BestCo. BestCo, formerly known as BestSweet, recently announced that they were going to add about 141 jobs. This news comes as a welcome relief for many who live in the Mooresville, NC area, as there will be many new, well-paying jobs available for those in need. The company is planning to expand the manufacturing enter that it operates in Iredell County.

A Leading Manufacturer of Healthcare Products

BestCo is one of the top developers of consumer healthcare products. They manufacture high-quality consumer healthcare products including over the counter treatments and dietary supplements. BestCo was originally founded in 1976 and over the past forty years, they have worked hard to develop a long and extensive track record of inventing, developing, and providing new drug delivery formats that have both flavor and appeal. The company looks beyond the design and manufacturing of products and instead works hard to help its clients realize their visions from the design room to the shelf. The ultimate goal of BestCo is to help other companies’ products make an impression on the consumer in a positive way.

Many Different Products are Manufactured by BestCo

As one of the leading healthcare product manufacturer’s, their products are produced across a broad range of both dosages and packaging options. Their goal is to make medicinal products more appealing, palatable, and successful. Some of the products that they produce include:

  • Lozenges, including lollipops, various flavors, and even sugar-free which are used to treat coughs, colds, and other illnesses
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements that come in both lozenge and soft chew forms
  • Soft chews which are cut and wrapped such as antacids
  • Coated chews that have a confectionery shell to make medicines easier to take

The business is also involved in many different research and development projects. The goal is to create, develop, and produce new and improved ways to deliver medicines across all age ranges.

A Significant Investment by BestCo in the Local Community

BestCo’s decision to expand its manufacturing center, which produces many of the products discussed above, represents a significant investment by the business. The company announced that the decision to add 141 jobs would represent an investment of more than $47 million. The company has set both job creation and capital investment goals. As an incentive, the state of North Carolina announced that it would reimburse BestCo with a grant of around $150,000. BestCo receives this money if it meets both the job creation and capital investment goals that it has set.

Local Businesses are Valued by the State and the Community

The Chief Operating Officer, Tim Condron, has already stated that the grant would be used to support further investment in the company’s expansion. Fortunately, the local community of Mooresville, as well as the state of North Carolina, has demonstrated its commitment to businesses. The investment of the community in the local companies, such as BestCo, has contributed to the rapid growth of the area. BestCo has benefited from the investment and commitment of the Mooresville area in job creation and career advancement. This decision demonstrates the growing strength of the Mooresville area and its citizens. As a result, Mooresville has watched the business grow and is being rewarded with 141 new jobs. This expansion is a new chapter for both Mooresville and BestCo.

A Variety of Career Options at BestCo

With BestCo opening numerous jobs, there are lots of new career opportunities that are going to become available. BestCo has made a commitment to attract, develop, and retain a diverse and highly qualified workforce. BestCo values the ideas of its employees and makes every effort to treat employees like family. Some of the examples of jobs of that might be available with BestCo include:

  • Material controller
  • Bottling operator
  • Sorter and Printer operator
  • Chemist
  • Pre-Coat Panning Operator
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Production Supervisor

Clearly, there are many different positions that are going to be available due to the sizeable investment made by BestCo in its manufacturing center in Mooresville. The salaries of these positions are going to vary; however, they are going to be above the average salary in Person County, which is $47,345. Overall, BestCo is expected to disburse more than $6.8 million in employee payroll over these new jobs, which comes out to an average of about $48,226.

Numerous Benefits are Available with Employment at BestCo

Based on the above information, compensation is competitive with the market. In addition to professional development, there are also numerous benefits that come with employment at BestCo. These include:

  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Access to flexible spending accounts
  • Disability insurance
  • A competitive 401(k) retirement plan
  • Paid vacation and paid holidays
  • Access to employee wellness programs

This extensive compensation package has been designed to reward employees for their loyalty and commitment to BestCo. Every employee is a valued member of BestCo’s success.

Moving Forward with Job Creation: An Investment in the Community

Ultimately, the addition of these valuable new jobs in the Mooresville, NC means that BestCo intends to stay in this local community over the long-term. If the company continues to be successful, the business might decide to add new jobs in the future. The sizeable investment by the company demonstrates that it believes in Mooresville, its citizens, and its future.

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