BestCo, Formerly BestSweet, Supports Community and Employees with Donations and Events

January 30, 2020 BestSweet News

BestCo is a local North Carolina company known for high qualify consumer health products. They develop and manufacture over-the-counter drugs and dietary supplements that appeal to the general public.

Formerly known as BestSweet, BestCo rebranded several years ago and has since focused on providing the highest quality services not only to clients, which include both private label and contract manufacturers, but also to their internal employees and the surrounding community. BestCo’s products and manufacturing lines include items commonly used in households across the country, including:

  • Cold and cough lozenges to help soothe throats and ease congestion
  • Chewy antacids such as Rolaids, which are available in a variety of flavors
  • Both chewy tablets and hard lozenges that provide vitamins and minerals for adults and children
  • Confectionary products

As they provide the product design and manufacturing for clients, BestCo has regularly devoted time to serving in the community.

A Dedication to the Local Community

BestCo has been involved in the local North Carolina community regularly for years. They hold periodic fundraising or volunteer events, where they support local and national causes.

Recently, BestCo donated a large number of toys and bikes to the annual program sponsored by the Salvation Army called Angel Tree. The goal of BestCo is to encourage its employees to be generous and donate to others who might not have much, particularly during the holiday season. The company did exactly that by donating to the Angel Tree program. This is simply another example of BestCo giving back to the local community which has supported the company over the years.

Providing Jobs to the Local Community

While the economy has come a long way since the recession of 2009, the stock market isn’t necessarily a reflection of how the average family is going. To that end, BestCo and its former version, BestSweet, has been working hard to create more opportunities for all of the hardworking families throughout the local area.

Recently, BestCo announced that they would be adding more jobs. The company has invested close to $50 million dollars in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area, which is near the community of Mooresville, and they plan to add more than 140 jobs in coming months and years. The state of North Carolina has agreed to partially reimburse BestCo if the company is able to keep its promises and provide additional jobs for the community. This grant is going to be used to further improve the company and increase its involvement in the northern Charlotte and Lake Norman areas, creating even more jobs for local residents.

BestCo is incredibly lucky to be located in a place where the community is growing quickly. For more than 30 years, the company has worked hard as both BestSweet and BestCo to create valuable jobs for the local community. This is one more example of how they continue to expand and employ local individuals to help serve clients.

Existing Infrastructure

BestCo has indicated that one of the reasons it is adding jobs to the local area is that infrastructure is growing quickly. The rapidly growing skyline of Charlotte, which is less than an hour south of Lake Norman, is simply a reflection of how quickly the area is expanding in terms of population, jobs, and companies. Given the rapid growth of the city, it only makes sense that this company would work hard to create added jobs.

Employers know that the local citizens are major stakeholders in the various companies that have set up shop in the local area. The average salary of jobs at BestCo is expected to be close to $48,000. If the company does well, more jobs might be added in the future.

A Partnership with North Carolina Communities

These added jobs are simply one more example of BestCo giving back to the local community. The greater Charlotte area has changed substantially over the past few years. The city has grown, as has its surrounding areas, and BestCo, along with other businesses bringing jobs and commerce to the area, is one reason why.

A lot of has happened since BestSweet rolled over to BestCo; however, one thing hasn’t changed is the dedication of this company to the local community. Much of what has happened with BestCo would not be possible without the investments and dedication of the local community. BestCo and local residents work together to create a strong employment market and living environment, improving North Carolina and making it a great place to live.

Much More Than Manufacturing and Production

While BestCo may be more widely-known in the manufacturing and product sphere than it is to the general public, it is much more than this. In addition to providing popular products like Rolaids, BestCo also employs local citizens who help produce a variety of other products. These include lozenges for cough and cold treatments, vitamins and minerals both for medical purposes and dietary supplements, and other APIs that come in both confectionary and liquid form.

Over the years, BestCo has become one of the most trusted names in the industry. This comes as a result of BestCo’s dedication to not only its customers but its employees as well. It will be exciting to watch this company continue to grow and develop in the future as well as see future charilty and employee dedication events.

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