BestSweet Launches Bi-Lingual Cough Drops

February 24, 2012 BestSweet News

MOORESVILLE, NC – January 10, 2012 – BestSweet Inc, the largest manufacturer of private-label cough drops, announced the debut of their new BestHealth cough drop line which features bi-lingual packaging.

The BestHealth line-up features the top selling flavors in the hanging bag Cough / Cold category, with consumer favorites Honey Lemon, Cherry and Menthol flavors leading the way.  Certified Gluten Free and Kosher, these drops are all sugar based and are manufactured to strict specifications with menthol levels equaling that of the leading brand.  Bi-lingual labeling makes these a popular choice for all consumers in all classes of trade.  All are convenient re-sealable bags shelf convenient / quick turn12ct cases.

The BestHealth Vitamin C lozenges feature three great tasting flavors: Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon, all mixed into one delicious assorted bag for your daily Vitamin C needs.  Great for everyday use as well as seasonal prevention of cough and colds, these drops are among the fastest growing bags in the Cough / Cold segment.

The BestHealth Sugar Free offerings include top sellers Black Cherry and Honey Lemon, both in a 25ct re-sealable bag.  Sugar conscious consumers are sure to recognize and enjoy this better for you alternative for seasonal relief.

The BestHealth bags offer superior value – starting at less than half of the everyday list cost of the leading brand.  It’s no wonder that we say “Safe, Effective and Affordable, for your BestHealth!”

BestHealthTM, a Division of BestSweet Inc., is the OTC industry’s premium innovator, manufacturer and source for high quality branded and private label cough drops, lozenges and nutritional soft chew supplements, all manufactured in North Carolina under the highest industry standards.


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