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June 23, 2020 BestSweet News

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has impacted every part of the country and nearly every industry has been impacted. One of the tragic side effects of this public health crisis has been that many people have been furloughed, laid off, or otherwise lost their jobs.

Fortunately, BestCo has found ways to help local communities and workers. BestCo, formerly Best Sweet has been able to maintain its job listings even during the pandemic. These open positions provide people with an opportunity to maintain gainful employment even as numerous other companies and industries are looking to shed jobs. Therefore, anyone who is looking for ways to make ends meet and provide for their family during the pandemic should consider the job openings listed by BestCo.

BestCo Is Expanding Throughout the Charlotte Area

During the past few years, BestCo has been a tear, adding hundreds of new jobs. As recently as 2019, the 30-year old Mooresville manufacturing company added hundreds of jobs as it looked to expand its over-the-counter drug (OTC) and dietary supplements arms. BestCo, formerly BestSweet, has a plant located at 288 Mazeppa Road, which is a short drive north of Charlotte. The facility is now more than 250,000 square feet in size. Employing close to 500 people already, BestCo is looking for more talented employees to help meet the growing demand of its customers.

BestCo has even received an endorsement from Roy Cooper, the governor of NC, who stated that companies choose to invest in areas where they believe they can succeed. That is why BestCo has decided to expand into the Mooresville area, with an intentional awareness of the incredible talent that exists throughout the Charlotte area. Even with the pandemic, BestCo understands that there is an opportunity for growth, thanks to the hard work and dedication of individuals and families who live in the local area.

Numerous Job Opportunities Available Through BestCo

BestCo, formerly BestSweet, adds new job listings on a regular basis. Furthermore, these jobs are located throughout numerous industries and operate all times of day, allowing people to tailor their hours to meet their needs as well as those of their families. Some of the current job listings include:

  • Information Technology (IT): There is a growing demand for those with IT skills throughout numerous industries and BestCo is no different. Right now, BestCo is in need of a talented SAP Business Analyst who has an understanding of algorithms, formulas, and other advanced metrics. The goal is to take data and develop it into actionable intelligence quickly.
  • Logistics: Logistics is an area of incredible need right now and the pandemic has thrown numerous logistics professionals for a loop. This is one of the biggest reasons why BestCo is actively looking for someone with experience in this area. This full-time position will focus on the handling of materials, ensuring they reach their final destination safely.
  • Manufacturing: BestCo is always looking for people who are willing to step up in the manufacturing sector. Some of the current openings in the manufacturing areas include panning operators, pre-coat operators, and process technicians. All of these positions take place at various times of day, ranging from eight-hour shifts to 12-hour shifts and even night shifts.

There are dozens of openings right now at the BestCo plant. Even though most industries have taken a hit to their bottom lines during the pandemic, BestCo has found a way to keep hiring, providing opportunities to those who need them.

A Long History of Dedication to Its Employees

BestCo, formerly BestSweet, has been in business for close to 50 years. The company was founded in Newark, NJ as a candy maker. At the time, the company was called Beacon Sweets. The company moved to the Mooresville area in 1988. Shortly thereafter, the company expanded outside of the candy business, leading to the name change. BestCo is looking to hire dozens of people to keep up with the rapid growth of numerous products, ranging from lozenges to coated chews, gummies, and more.

The average salary of the new jobs is close to $50,000. BestCo seeks to provide opportunities for its employees with the same level of dedication the company provides to its products and customers. This is one of the biggest reasons why BestCo has decided to keep its job openings even as its bottom line undoubtedly feels the sting of the pandemic.

Perseverance and Dedication Through Difficult Times

BestCo has numerous job openings throughout multiple industries. Anyone who is looking for employment opportunities right now should review the openings here to see if they are a fit. There are positions available for jobs that work all types of hours, allowing people some level of flexibility when it comes to their work schedules.

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